This program respects all the years that you spent in medical school

Hello to all my friends…

My name is Syed Naqvi, and I am a foreign medical graduate and have passed my United States Medical Licensing Examination. However, due to a lack of clinical experience and my year of graduation, I was unable to get a residency position in the U.S. After being disappointed and losing hope that I will ever be able to be involved with Healthcare again as care provider in the U.S., I passed a pharmacy technician exam and started working at a pharmacy. There, I met a lady who is currently the CEO at a hospital. She let me know about a program where foreign medical doctors can earn a Family Nurse Practitioner’s (FNP) license with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). The program with Mid America Learning (MAL) is a 3-step process that starts with an on-line paramedic program, goes to the RN, and concludes with the on-line MSN/FNP. All along the way to completing my FNP, I have the ability to work in Healthcare as a care provider and earn extra money. MAL will take you step by step from a Paramedic to a Nurse to a FNP. I enrolled in this program and will soon be completing 6 months. This program respects all the years that you spent in medical school. This has given me a new lease on life that I will again be able to fulfill my dream and passion of providing patient care as a Healthcare Professional in the US. I recommend you contact MAL, and see how you can change your life.

-Syed Naqvi