I have more options than I ever had before

Everyone’s life, places, and journeys has a back-story. Essentially, back-stories are the key ingredients to the product that people see today. Back-stories can either inspire us, cripple us, or cause us to remain where we are. My back-story is a simple one that led me to Mid America Learning and beyond.

In my opinion, MAL was a God-send. They were placed in my life at the right time. I was initially introduced to MAL two-thirds of the way through chiropractic school. As a former US Army Medic, I was taught to always have my eyes and ears open. I noticed changes within the healthcare as a whole and in particular, chiropractic. Securing a decent living, after years of hard work in academia, was all that most healthcare professionals sought. Unfortunately, my own path in healthcare did not appear to have the security that we all hope for.

MAL will always have a special place in my heart. My very first day in the program was met with tragedy. Although I lost someone close, I gained many others that I would consider close due to the transparent and unsolicited love shown to me. Moreover, while the program(s) may have had their occasional challenges, I never once felt alone or on my own. I always had someone who either had my back or had answers when they were needed.

Lastly, chiropractic will always be a part of my life. While I have gained the Prescriptive Authority as a FNP, I will always be a chiropractor. Becoming a FNP, through MAL, has only open more doors for me. I have access to pretty much every form of healthcare. I have more options than I ever had before. Most importantly, I feel as if I have the security that reflects my hard work and personal investment into healthcare

- Dr. Jamie Reed, DC, FNP-C College Professor WBU c/o 2012 Herzing U. c/o 2014