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Mid America Learning (MAL) provides our client school partners lead generation and marketing services for their nursing programs, such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master in Science of Nursing and Family Nursing Practitioner, that will connect prospective students focusing on a second degree with the right school/program to fit all needs involved.

Our goal is to help graduate future RNs and FNPs in order to address the professional and societal needs.

Mid America Learning is not a school; it has an entrepreneurial vision for providing customized business, support and educational services to all types of nursing education providers. We focus on healthcare, centered around online higher education providers. We connect schools with promising students who are well adapted to hard work and the desire to continue a life in healthcare.

A strategic goal of Mid America Learning is to develop relationships and provide strategic services to colleges, universities and other institutions that provide healthcare education. With the numerous options available to both education providers and prospective students, we can help foster the connection that will benefit both. To the extent that MAL assists a program in their strategic vision or any of the services listed, it is at the sole discretion and control of the colleges, universities, and other institutions. Mid America Learning is not responsible for any changes to school/program admissions requirements, changes to policies, procedures, curriculum, etc.. and is the responsibility of the student to keep up with current changes. All degrees are issued by the accredited colleges, universities, and institutions.


Prospective Students: Mid America Learning can provide lead generation services by deploying targeted marketing campaigns. Enrollment counselors, provided by Mid America Learning, work with prospective students from the time of initial interest until enrollment in an educational program. This includes sharing specific program information, responding to questions, and directing them to specific educational offerings. Mid America Learning uses sophisticated technology solutions to manage and track prospective student information while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

Prospective Faculty: In order to help school clients effectively manage the new volume of students, MAL can provide faculty recruitment services to assist education institutions in their search for program faculty and instructors. Among other services, Mid America Learning will identify potential adjunct and full-time faculty, collect CVs and resumes, perform initial evaluations per guidelines established by our institution partners, and submit candidates for possible hire by the client institution. All hiring decisions are at the discretion and control of the institution.

Prospective Clinical and Preceptor Sites: Leveraging its clinic and hospital relationships, Mid America Learning helps our client school partners identify clinical agencies for BSN degree programs and potential preceptors and preceptor site locations for MSN/FNP degree programs. Mid America Learning will identify prospects; perform initial evaluations; and submit names, qualifications, and other information to the school for their evaluation and approval, per guidelines set by the institution.

Consulting Services: Mid America Learning will be available for consultation on issues related to the programs it is involved in, including methods, processes, and policies for program administration, academic affairs, and information technology.


Program Advertising and Promotion: Mid America Learning works with colleges, universities and other education institutions to create and track a plan of action for marketing its programs, promoting industry-related opportunities for its programs, and strengthening the institution’s overall image. The jointly-developed plan is designed to support every step of launching and populating each program, capitalizing on the vision, mission, values, and strategic planning of the education institution. Mid America Learning assists its client schools in implementing a plan through consistent marketing with the education institution’s branding. Mid America Learning deploys marketing elements such as print advertisements and web-based media.


Curriculum Design: Mid America Learning has created total curriculum packages that client schools may choose to implement. Mid America Learning has curriculum packages for:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Curriculum Development: Whether or not schools use the created curriculum, Mid America Learning can provide consulting services to schools on issues of curriculum development.  The market MAL focuses on can sometimes present unique challenges.  Mid America Learning stands ready to assist schools in meeting those challenges, finding creative solutions and implementing plans of action.  All decisions relating to curriculum are under the sole control of the degree-issuing colleges, universities, or institutions.

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