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Welcome to Mid America Learning.

I am excited to share my vision with you as prospective students and potential school partners. Our goal is to set the highest standards for healthcare education in a constantly changing and competitive healthcare environment.

Mid America Learning aims to help students find new ways to increase their knowledge in caring for patients and to help schools find new ways to solve this country’s healthcare crisis.

Thank you and May God Truly Bless you,

Scott Wofford, B.S., M.S., D.C.


It is Mid America Learning’s mission to provide the necessary tools to marry prospective students with accredited nursing programs in order to expand the scope of healthcare to your patients, as well as recruiting the highest caliber students to the right programs in order to help fill the country’s healthcare professional shortage with qualified RNs and FNPs.

Mid America Learning is the first to see the need and the first to introduce the Chiro Program nine years ago. We have more than 600 successful graduates who have benefited from our partnership programs.

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